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Custom Remotes

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How many remote controls do you have in your living room?  Most home consumers have at least three devices they need to manage, including the television, a cable box, and a DVD player.  How many times have you lost a remote control?  How many times have you thought to yourself or were asked “which one does what?”  Universal remotes are a great way to replace numerous remotes with one intuitive remote that makes turning on your media system so easy that anyone can do it.  The modern media room needs an automated remote control that can manage all your devices by hitting one button.  Eargasm Audio Video will customize a Universal Remote that will provide reliable control of your entire system.  Once the programming is finished, EAV will show you how to use your new remote so that you can simply enjoy your new system.  If you have questions, issues or need a review we have an open door policy – call us anytime. “You can spend an unlimited amount of money on a system but if you can’t work it – it is not worth a dime.  It should be easy, fun, and enjoyable.” – Andy Barne

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